Speed XP /w toughness


Speed XP /w toughness

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Lefebvre's Soliloquy Leoric's Crown The Flavor of Time
Inna's Hold Inna's Vast Expanse Nemesis Bracers
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle Oculus Ring
Inna's Temperance
In-geom Captain Crimson's Waders Stormshield
Cube items
Crystal Fist Strongarm Bracers Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary gems
Gem of Efficacious Toxin Iceblink Gogok of Swiftness
Leoric's CrownHead
Leoric's Crown
Socket (D)>Vit>%Life>Dex
Lefebvre's SoliloquyShoulder
Lefebvre's Soliloquy
CDR>RCR>Vit>%Life/ HealthGlobes
Inna's HoldGloves
Inna's Hold
CDR>AS>Vit>Dex / PhysRes
Inna's Vast ExpanseChest
Inna's Vast Expanse
Vit>Dex>Socket (D)>%Life / HealthGlobes
Nemesis BracersBracers
Nemesis Bracers
Vit>Dex>AllRes>Armor / %MeleeReduc
Captain Crimson's Silk GirdleBelt
Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle
Inna's TemperancePants
Inna's Temperance
Vit>Socket (D)>AllRes>Int
Captain Crimson's WadersBoots
Captain Crimson's Waders
Vit>Dex>AllRes>Armor / HealthGlobes
CDR>RCR>Vit>Dex>Socket (GoE)
Obsidian Ring of the ZodiacRing1
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
Socket>CDR>AS>RCR / HealthGlobes
Oculus RingRing2
Oculus Ring
Socket>CDR>AS>Vit / HealthGlobes
The Flavor of TimeAmulet
The Flavor of Time
Socket>CDR>Vit>%Life / HealthGlobes
Crystal FistCube hand
Crystal Fist
Strongarm BracersCube armor
Strongarm Bracers
Ring of Royal GrandeurCube jewel
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Gem of Efficacious ToxinGem 1
Gem of Efficacious Toxin
IceblinkGem 2
Gogok of SwiftnessGem 3
Gogok of Swiftness

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